- Antibacterial Material
Product features
which Renofec has developed as a new concept is an antibacterial Material that is both economically efficient
and performs effectively.
Renofec's Silver fabric if safe, can be used in a wide variety of applications and has the advantage of high quality and price competi-
Silver Fabric has Selected fabric material is sputtered using impurity-free silver target which when
used in filters effectively reacts against residual bacteria that weaken conventional filter life thereby maximizes filter durability.
The antibacterial property of Silver Fabric has been verified when sputtered on other various materials including cotton, polyester,
non-woven fabric, paper, microfiber, and PET film.
Product structure
Equipment thickness 12~200㎛
Equipment width Max 2000mm
Substrate M.B./T.B./Cotton/nonwoven fabric/Polyester/PET
Undercoating Determinable by equipment and metal type
Sputtering Silver/TiO2
Functional Coating Oxidation resistance
Protection Layer Determinable by product type
Application area
Field Related products Effects
Packaging materials Packaging Film Stability of contents
Construction materials Interior/Floor/Finish material Odor removal
Cleaning tools Pad cleaner for steam cleaner Antibacterial/Deodorizing feature
Air conditioning facilities supportive filter of main filter Improved photocatalyst/antibacterial/filter durability feature